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We innovate to accelerate your product success by elevating product value.

Medin is a evolving product design and development company. We are dedicated to applying our creativity and expertise in industrial design and mechanical automation to ensure your development project results in a commercially successful product.

Product Design & Development

We at Medin Solutions work tirelessly for clients to stand out and launch potential New Products in the market that yield best results as per market research.

Product design and development includes understanding the current market need, perform extensive market research and come up with a product design to meet those market needs.

Tooling Solutions

In the rapid pace production market of today, a company needs large scale production support in order to pump out large quantity of products into the market.

The theory of the expert system and technology of the 3D modelling. It discusses the configuration, the general function modules, the knowledge representation, the reasoning mechan is mand the standard component base of the jig and fixture.

Design Optimization

As per known engineering design methodology we use mathematical formulation of your design problem and run iterative simulations under various scenarios in order to attain optimum design solution for your needs.

We offer a complete range of solutions and services in CAD Conversion. By converting paper or blue prints to CAD can help your organization maintain drawings in digital formats.

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