Design Optimization

As per known engineering design methodology we use mathematical formulation of your design problem and run iterative simulations under various scenarios in order to attain optimum design solution for your needs.

We at Medin Solutions also help you keep up with the global advancements in the production and manufacturing industries by help you implement concepts like Industry 4.0 at your production shop and also help you in maintaining highest of Health and safety checks.

Services Offered

Shop floor Modernization

Shop Floor setups across the world are upgrading themselves to keep up with Industry 4.0 . These upgradation yield in better lead time, minimal part rejection and help the client in establishing a permanent process cycle that can last upto the next revolution in the production environment.

  • We are happy to help you on the below listed area:
  • Semi Atomization to complete atomization of shop Floor
  • Process revamp
  • Product travel path reduction • Layout design

Cad Migration (Conversion of Legacy Products)

We offer a complete range of solutions and services in CAD Conversion. By converting paper or blue prints to CAD can help your organization maintain drawings in digital formats. CAD migration can also help your organization to digitize your drawings into the latest CAD systems and CAD model format migration across different CAD platforms.

Intelligence integration

The current market trends have changed in the manufacturing setups after 4th Industrial Revolution i.e. Industry 4.0 which lays emphasis integration of digital tools with previously well-established conventional production setup.

We at Medin Solutions provide services that help digitize your conventional product thus yield better results.

Popular instances of intelligence integrations are:

  • Pressure control sensors for determining clamping force in order to hold a delicate Component
  • Visual inspection tools (cameras, lasers ) along with conventional inspection gages
  • Inclusion of Closed loop sensors for flow and temperature control in dies and molds above mentioned are some typical examples Medin Solutions will offer Intelligence integrations as per the demand and requirement of each individual case.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

We redesign your part with AM in mind and for geting about designing for anything other than functionality. Looking deeper into this, we can save time in the design process while also saving money in manufacturing costs relative to design complexity.

We at d4am instead of being held back by traditional manufacturing constraints, we design the component with focused only on the function it requires to perform and meet clients’ needs. In AM we have full control over the interior structure of the part, so we can include voids, lattices, and other hard-to-manufacture structural components that can help cut down on material use and increase functionality.

Subassemblies that used to require multiple parts can be combined into a single component. We can customize everything to suit individual customers’ preferences. With all the recent innovations in the additive manufacturing industries, now is the time to consider additive as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing approaches and we help to take advantage of the design freedom it offers.