Product Design And Development

We at Medin Solutions work tirelessly for clients to stand out and launch potential New Products in the market that yield best results as per market research.

We follow proven theories like concurrent engineering in order to be mass production ready alongside prototype validation which to give our clients the better lead time and a tangible edge in the market.

Services Offered

New Product Development & Patenting

Product design and development includes understanding the current market need, perform extensive market research and come up with a product design to meet those market needs.

Sustainable design Solutions

We pledged to play our part in reducing the negative impacts that our design may have on the environment. It is essential that we constantly ensure that impact of our products in minimal on the nature whilst never comprising on the core functionalities.

Reverse Engineering

We create CAD models using one of the following software depending upon your requirements: Siemens NX and SolidWorks. These models are directly compared to the raw point cloud or voxel data sets (CT Scanning) using a scan to CAD comparison analysis. This gives us the knowledge that our CAD models match the physical part data well. These models form the basis for creating detailed drawings.

Design Validation & Certification

We use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide the most cost effective solutions with high degree of accuracy in a time frame that suits you the best. Our strength lies in delivering reliable solutions that can be of maximum benefit to our customers. Banking on our access to the most advanced state of the art technologies of NX-Nastran and ANSYS suite of software for FEA.