Tooling Solutions

In the rapid pace production market of today, a company needs large scale production support in order to pump out large quantity of products into the market. Here is how Medin Solutions can do that.

We at Medin Solutions Tooling division help a company augment its production pace with help of various work holding jigs & fixtures for conventional & CNC machining. We also help in maintaining the highest production qualities with help of Inspection fixtures and inspection gauges.

Services Offered

Jig & Fixture

In this wake of Industry 4.0 we make our fixture smart and have developed various special purpose jig and fixture by applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the CAD system, using the theory of the expert system and technology of the 3D modelling. It discusses the configuration, the general function modules, the knowledge representation, the reasoning mechanism and the standard component base of the jig and fixture.

All our jig and fixture design passes through FEA analysis to provide validation to design.

We at Medin pledge to give our customer entire range of possible solutions for the problem and guide them to select the one that will help their cause the most.

Machining & Assembly Jig

Machining Fixtures

Assembly Fixture

Inspection Fixtures

Welding Fixture

Maintenance Fixture

Work Holding JIGS

Transportation Fixtures

Inspection Gauges

We are providing complete Design and manufacturing solutions for all type of Inspections Gauge and ICY Gauges. Providing Custom inspection gauges for a wide variety of industries and manufacturing applications including various Inspection gauge applications to full fill all type of inspection critically with precise tolerance and GD & T under specified industrial standards.

Inspection Gauge

ICY Gauge

Dies and Molds

We are an experienced tool and die shop that designs and builds tools and dies in-house. Our state-of-the-art facility also provides replacement die components, fixtures and gages as well as manufactured assemblies.

Investment Casting Mould

Plastic Injection Mould

Design of die casting tools

B surface creation

Core cavity extraction

Generation of tooling ready 3D part model

We offer complete services including CNC milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, welding, assembly, and contract manufacturing.